"Retire the Raider"

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We highly encourage you to watch the video of our presentation! It discusses many of the concerns being brought up by members of the community regarding changing the mascot.

Update: The Seneca Valley School Board voted unanimously on Monday, the 14th to retire the Raider mascot and associated indigenous imagery. Thank you all for your support!



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See information on State Representative Rabb's bill on banning Native American mascots in PA Schools

See our comments and those of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) on our school board's recent decision to retire indigenous imagery at SV

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District History Featured in the 2016 SV Annual Report:

"Approximately 35-40 students from Evans City (the Rams) and Zelienople (the Bears) High Schools meet to research a name and logo to represent the merger of the two high schools. The group, after discovering rich Native American Indian history, comes up with possible school names as either Oneida or Seneca. They choose these since both tribes spent time in this area, as it’s known to be part of the Venango Trail. In fact, the Seneca Indians once inhabited most of the Upper Ohio Valley, including Southwest Butler County. For a sports name, the group decides to choose from the Raiders, Warriors, or Chiefs. The color choices are blue and black, green and black, taupe and gold or crimson and white. The final decision: Seneca Valley-Home of the Raiders (blue and black colors). A mascot is also developed and appears in yearbooks during that time as a profile or silhouette of an Indian head."